Mobile Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

To say that the rise of smart phones and tablets have revolutionised the way people access the Internet is to make the understatement of the century. Your business needs to respond to the development of mobile technology or risk falling behind your competitors in terms of online visibility.

How important is mobile?

According to recent research carried out in January 2015 by, 80% of Internet users own a smart phone which they used to access the Internet. In addition, 47% of users own a tablet, and 37% access the Internet through a games console. This doesn’t even take into consideration the impact of emerging devices such as smart watches, smart TVs and Internet enabled wristbands. Even a quick survey of planned mobile developments show that the mobile revolution is still in full swing. It is the task of your business to respond to these changes and accommodate your customer’s lifestyle choices.

Responding to mobile users

Mobile responsive design is central to all our website builds. Making your new website look fantastic on whichever screen your customers choose to access it makes sound business sense. It is really only a matter of courtesy, but our notion is that a website should look equally as good on the most compact smartphone, as well as on the widest iMac screen.

What does this mean to you? Here it is: Make it easy for your customers to access the information they require, on the device they are using, and they will repay you with their business. It is a simple as that, and this realisation is the central reason we offer mobile design as standard all of our customers.

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