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Software giant Microsoft has introduced “visual search” to its Bing search engine to try to further set itself apart from market leader Google. But can it ever compete against Google and it’s ever evolving suite of online applications and power of its most popular search engine?

Although Bing has only added visual search to their travel, health, leisure and shopping there are plans to roll it out across all categories. Mr Mehdi, the firm’s senior vice-president of online services said that the concept in the way people search is heading for a big change. It is expected that the way people search will be much more graphical in the near future, we can already see an example of this graphical orientated search on many of the popular browsers all giving users the ability to scan quickly through their browser history visually.

Microsoft unveiled the beta, or test version of the feature, at TechCrunch 50, at a conference being held in San Francisco for start-ups to pitch their ideas to investors. Competition breeds innovative new ideas and keeps both Google and Microsoft on their toes, which is great for the end user especially since they offer these new tools for free. Shopping will be made so easier since scanning through the blocks of text based search results is like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes, especially for user who find it hard to pick out what they are looking for in the muddle of words. Having the results display as graphics will make shopping online move to the next level.

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