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Matthias Knoll - Skype Developer
Matthias Knoll

Please introduce yourself: Hi, I’m Matthias a developer. Just call me Matt. I grew up in a nice little town in the sunny south of Austria with lots of surrounding mountains and beautiful lakes nearby. After a while I left this place and went north for university, doing a degree in Media-technology and Design. To finish my course I had to do a one term internship. This was awesome news for me. I always wanted to live abroad and this was my chance. I sent out about a 150 applications for internships and as luck would have it, Mike Yan from Active Webdezign replied and offered me a place. I was thrilled.

I worked for Webdezign for about 6 months as an intern, actually doing web design, as I wanted to become a designer. At the end of my internship the lead developer back then, was leaving the job for university and so I was offered the position. So I stayed another two and a half years.

Where are you developing now?

I left Webdezign to work for a startup called BraveNewTalent. I always loved the amount of insights I was able to get into the business world and into all areas of business operations while at Webdezign. A startup seemed to be the place where I can have a similar experience. This assumption proved correct. The knowledge I gained while at Webdezign gave me a good basis to start and to build on. Which I did and as of October 2013 I joined Skype and their amazing web apps team.

Editors note: We are happy for Matt and we are very excited about the web version of skype. This does also mean that we can confirm the rumours.

Tell us about a fun anecdote or a specific job you remember from your time at Webdezign?

Working for Webdezign equals fun on a daily basis. The funniest thing though was when we almost burned down the garden fence when attempting to grill crocodile meat on the BBQ.

What was your favourite lunch?

This is easy. Lahore!!! This is a Pakistani restaurant in North London.
Guys, can we go again soon, please.

Editors note: Dude! You were coming with us last week but didn’t show! P.S. They have another restaurant in the East End of London, where is Skypes offices based?

What was the 1 single lesson you took away from your time at Webdezign?

I loved that I was able to learn about business and to be able to have insight into all areas of the day to day business, being able to help make crucial decisions. This definitely shaped my understanding of how to run a business.

But, possibly even more important for my career was that I came to Webdezign as a designer and left as a developer. I got the opportunity to deepen my development skills through loads of projects and self directed learning.

Do you have an unforgettable moment from your time at Webdezign?

My time at Webdezign was an experience which I will never forget and always be grateful for. Memorable moments include the lunches, the team events or just going to the local pub trying to win the pub quiz (I think it happened once while I was there).

Editors note: I can confirm that, 1 win in about 4 years…

How did you find & choose Webdezign in the first place?

I was googling like crazy when I was trying to find an internship position and that’s how I found Webdezign. Why I chose Webdezign? It was an agency in London, and they wanted to give me a chance, what else do you need?

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for future interns/employees?

If you are a food lover (you better like spicy food) are self driven and not afraid to get involved then you are in the right place. You will get all the freedom you need to experiment (like trying new food) and grow (your belly). Just don’t be afraid to ask questions and yeah, get involved. You are in good hands.

Oh, I hope you love coffee too.

Can’t get enough of developer Matt?
Matt on Skype Editors note: I had to, didn’t I…

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