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We have been asked the same question, again and again lately, so we are writing this blog post to try and weigh up the facts as to which system is most suited to your eCommerce requirements, Magento or Shopify. Lets begin by weighing up the pros and cons on each system, which I have put into a simple table below.

Magento PROS VS Shopify PROS
Extensively customisable with support from huge Magento open source community which integrates with many other systems For non professional end users this may be a better option as it does not require any high level of skill
Self hosted on server of choice allowing for super fast and safe hosting Easy to operate the essentials and quick to get up and running
Built in support for multi currency, languages and worldwide postage Monthly payment option for users on a tight budget
Bespoke design possibilities and massive selection of off the shelf design
SEO ready and clean un cluttered code providing better search engine transparency
Magento boasts 200+ top retailers on the Internet Retailer Top 1000
Excellent connectivity via API allowing for direct integration with ERP’s and EPOS’s
Magento CONS Shopify CONS
Needs a good team of knowledgeable Magento administrators to make full benefit of the advanced features and functionality Inaccessible source code, you get what your given where customisations are constrained by templates and API’s.
Can be a little daunting to new users and takes time to develop Design limitations confined to off the shelf design choices restrictive for creating bespoke designs
 Upgrade to Magento Enterprise costs from 50k Lack of connectivity to other third party platforms
Not a DIY job by far, best to leave this one to the professional web developers No built in support for foreign currencies, countries or languages
Cheaper option for large operators, but you only get what you pay for!
Limited SEO capabilities and overblown, cluttered code
Only 12 retailers on the Internet Retailer Top 1000

Choosing the right solution for your own business needs is a daunting process to say the least. Everyone will give you their own opinion, which does not necessarily reflect your price and expectations of your individual online vision. So here are some questions to consider before taking the plunge.

  1.  Would you like a partner you can talk to, that will setup and guide you through the entire process from start to finish, fully supporting you along the way and into the future?
  2. Would you prefer the flexibility of building and improving your store going forward with benefits such as accounting and stock integration?
  3. You will own your paid for eCommerce shop in its entirety, the Magento store we build and customise to your exact needs will belong to you.  You wont be paying high monthly subscriptions either, for ever and ever, just Magento business hosting once a year.
  4. We can build you a bespoke design or you can choose from thousands of premium Magento themes, Shopify is limited to only a few in comparison.
  5. We have real people waiting to take your call at the end of our phone lines, we wont put you on hold in a queue and treat you as just another numbered client, we like to build relationships and help grow your online business.

Apart from all of the above, working with us here at Webdezign wont make the process more daunting than it should be, with our friendly staff and our physical offices that you are always welcome to visit, you wont get stressed out waiting at the end of an email. From the minute you arrange a free no obligation consultation, till the time your website is launched and you start taking money, all of us here at Webdezign are dedicated in making the entire process pain free. And we don’t just stop there once your up and running, we will monitor and ensure that everything is as it should be and deal with any issues that may arise. From any marketing or print work required to advice on product and article writing we are always here (and have been for 19 years now) to help in any way we can.

Please do feel free to contact us via our contact form or by phone on 020 8446 1515 for a no obligation quotation or to simple ask us any questions that you may have.


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