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Multimedia Designer
Lebinh Ngo

Please introduce yourself: Hi I’m Lebinh Ngo, I am a multimedia designer born and raised in London. I have always been passionate about new media during my teens, mucking in and customising my social media pages. Creating fan sites, interactive CD roms. My appetite for learning has led me to be eager to always keep learning new things.

I think I joined Webdezign in 2006 for a 6-month internship. I initially thought I’d be designing websites but found a new love for print design. Mike was very open and made sure I made the most from my internship.

What are you doing now?

Right now I’m an artworker for a financial training company, working alongside the marketing team and also run a food blog called http://thefoodconnoisseur.co.uk/ that’s been getting quite big recently.

Editors note: We like looking at all the food, restaurants & foodtrucks you track down!

Tell us about a fun anecdote or a specific multimedia design project you remember from your time at Webdezign?

Brit-asia, it was my first time using InDesign to create a full magazine layout and had tons of fun on the project. That’s when I discovered I had a new love for publishing design.

What was your favourite lunch?

Ha, tough decision, Lahores delicious curries and sizzling lamb chops, the kebab wraps, the yummy moussaka. Mike’s wife home cooking, it’s too hard ok!

What was the 1 single lesson you took away from your time at Webdezign?

Dealing with clients face to face, it was my first time ever experiencing working with clients 1-1 side by side. It definitely helped me with the role after Webdezign, constantly on the phone, emails. Building that customer service relationship, and making sure you deliver the solutions they want.

Do you have an unforgettable moment from your time at Webdezign?

The Webdezign team were like family to me, we ate together, had BBQ’s, it was a very enjoyable environment to work in and worth the 4 hour daily commute. I stayed in touch with Mike and Pete and remember being invited back to studio 1a for crocodile burgers.

Editors note: Aaaaah, yes who could forget the Crocodile BBQ and the arson attempt!

How did you find & choose Webdezign in the first place?

As someone who just graduated, I was stuck in the ‘no experience situation’. No company would take you on until you have gained commercial experience. I was very lucky to get funding for my internship and searched on google and yellow pages for agencies. Mike answered my prayers and took me on board.

Editors note: Unless you are just at that stage, you would be surprised how hard it is to get that first leg into the business. Without having been in the industry, to get experience to get into the industry… Scratches head, catch 22 much?

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for future interns/employees?

Webdezign has been an amazing experience, I worked on various projects during my time there. Looking after clients CMS, myspace pages, designing magazines and flyers. They let you take ownership and be hands on with projects and giving as much creative input as you please. It is a very relaxing environment and there is a ton of things to learn.

Can’t get enough of Lebinh?

The Food Connoisseur

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