Launch of the all new Back2 ecommerce website

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ecommerce website
Back2 ecommerce website

We are proud to announce the most recent launch of the long established central London based ergonomic furniture company Back2. After an uphill battle with their previous web design company which had not delivered the ecommerce website they were promised, Back2 decided to bite the bullet and start out from scratch.

Ecommerce website

They approached us with extreme caution and a very tight functional specification, we gave them assurance that we would deliver an extensive ecommerce system to meet their expectations. They were not disappointed this time around, as we made sure that the brief was followed in every degree and our best and most dedicated project manager kept the project and all involved on track throughout.

The web designer was briefed as to the functionality required along with the challenge of creating a new cutting edge design around their minimalist corporate brand. After redesigning the site from scratch the designer was also the lynchpin in the whole development ensuring that everything was accounted for and the deadlines would be met.

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