To what extent is Brexit affecting our businesses?

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So where are we at with Brexit after 3 years?

It is now becoming apparent, that our government has proved itself to be completely incompetent, keeping us all on tender hooks and uncertainty as the Brexit debate deepens. Uncertainty for businesses has certainly taken its toll in terms of keeping companies sitting on the fence and not spending budgets ass they would normally. Everyone seems to be waiting for an outcome to settle the debate one way or another, causing our order books to slow down. The percentage of proposals sent out against jobs coming in has definitely taken a down turn for us as well as a lot of our clients that I have spoken to about this phenomenon.

Is there any way forward

What therefore is the way forward I ask myself? Wait on the never never for our government to make a final decision and put it into force? or should we lead our own way into the future making some decisions based on neither being in nor out of the EU, but more like an independant stand alone entity. With globalisation now permanent in all our lives, why not just go global and reach out to companies looking for web design and development services across the world. As they say…. if you cant beat them, join them!

Outsourcing to us from overseas.

We have recently been contacted by companies overseas looking for pricing up of our services, extraordinarily as it sounds, this may be just down to the weakness in sterling. Having said that, clients have also looked at India for outsourcing their development work, but the stories that we hear and clients that have approached us after having failed to deliver them a website, India does carry its weight in terms of offering good service and value, but cheep is expensive as they say!


Lets all just stay positive and keep busy with our own internal business improvements until a decision is made and we can all finally get on with our business lives!

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