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I want to be number 1 on Google is probably the most common request we get from potential customers. In response my question is, Why? This may seem a strange response but when you understand how the major search engines work being number one is not always the best option for your business. 5 reasons why being No 1 in Google is bad for business!

  1. Achieving top position may cost you business more than the resultant traffic is worth to your business.
  2. A phrase e.g. web design company in north london’ may be a phrase which people do not search on.
  3. The phrase web design company in north london is not relevant to your jewellery business.
  4. Just because you send large amounts of traffic to your website, doesn’t mean it’s relevant traffic.
  5. What’s wrong with position 2 or even 8 – do the people who click on these links not buy products or enquire about services?

Now this may all sound like a foreign language, don’t worry. Over the next weeks and months we are going to be writing a series of articles on the secrets of Search Engine Marketing and hopefully you will understand more about why being no 1 in Google is bad for business.


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