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We had a client in this afternoon who was wondering how to setup her email; hosted with ourselves, in some kind of email client. She found the webmail installed on the server hard to use, a very common complaint. So as avid users of Gmail we obviously suggested she get an account with them. She had never used Gmail before so her first question was how she would get her email in Gmail.

Below we have prepared a brief and to the point tutorial on how to setup your emails and getting started using Gmail as your email client. This might be helpful for other clients as well as our own, some settings might differ depending on your hosting provider. During most steps in Gmail you have links to more information so please click if you are curious and/or confused, the documentation is quite extensive.

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For the purpose of this exercise we are going to assume that you have successfully registered an account with Gmail and you are already logged in.

Let’s get started!

  1. In the top right corner you have a cog, click on it
  2. Select Settings

email in Gmail

Step 2

  1. Select the Tab labelled Accounts
  2. Then click Add a POP3 account

Step 3

A popup will display

  1. Enter the Email address you would like to control
  2. Then click Next Step

Step 4

  1. Enter your Username (If you are hosting with Webdezign that is your email address)
  2. Enter your Password, supplied by your hosting provider
  3. Enter your POP Server, supplied by your hosting provider (If you are hosting with Webdezign that is
  4. Then click Add Account

Step 5

We will assume that you want to send out emails and/or reply to incoming emails as your and not as the that we are using

  1. Tick the first option
  2. Then click Next Step

Step 6

  1. Select the Name for the email (this could be the company name in some cases)
  2. Then click Next Step

Step 7

  1. We recommend you tick the first option, to use Gmail for sending out.
  2. Then click Next Step

Step 8

You will then be asked to verify that you own this email.

  1. Click Send Verification
  2. Open a new tab or window and access the verification email

If you are hosting with Webdezign use the same login details at there you will be able to access the verification email from Gmail.

Step 9

The email contains a Confirmation code that you need to copy

Step 10

  1. Enter the code from your email
  2. And simply click Verify

Step 11

  1. Don’t forget to set your new email as the default


Now you can send and receive emails in your Gmail account under the guise of your own domain name. If you have multiple domain names or emails you can simply start from step 2 again and add another one.

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    Wonderfully simple walk through. I’m going to use this.

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