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Do you have loads of great images that you want to resize to fit your website’s design? Follow our step-by-step guide to resize images in bulk using the free software, PIXresizer. It’s so easy that, whether you’re a technical wizard or an online novice, you’ll find it simple to resize all your images at once to fit your site.

PIXresizer step-by-step guide

  1. Well first of all we need to install the software, it is free and you can download it here (halfway down the page there is a headline called Free Download)
  2. After installing the software we are now ready to resize the images. So we create a folder on the desktop (call it original) and put all large images inside of it.
  3. We then create another folder (call it resized) and keep this folder empty.
  4. Open the programme (there should be an icon on your desktop called PIXresizer)
  5. Click the “Work with multiple files” tab
  6. Click “Source” and find your image folder (the one we called original)
  7. If you have folders inside this folder tick “Subfolders” above
  8. Click “Destination” and pick the folder you would like the resized images to be saved (the one we called resized)
  9. Moving on to step 2 where we tick “Equal Height”
  10. Now we want to change the height, in my case I want the height of the images to be approx. 500 pixels high. We will when developing your site let you know how big we want your images to be so either drag the toggle or use the arrows to increase or decrease the amount.
  11. In step 3 we only make sure that we have selected “JPEG” as our file format.
  12. And finally in step 4 we click “Save Pictures”
  13. We let the programme process all the images, you can follow the progress in the percent bar
  14. Once you have gotten the alert telling you the resizing has been done
    you click “OK” after which you can find all your resized images in the
    folder on your desktop (the one we called resized).
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