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In this day of super fast internet speeds even on mobile data roaming who would have thought that the speed of your website would have any baring on your website ranking. Well the fact of the matter is that Google as well as the other search engines will take the loading speed of your site as a factor when ranking your website on their search engines.

Optimising your website for speed weather it be by reducing image file sizes or by minifying your javascript, will all play a small part in improving your site loading speeds. Anything over 2 seconds to load your home page would be considered as slow and would need to be optimised to meet the basic standards that todays internet giants demand.

We have been provided with a detailed info graphic on all the various speed ratings and activities that could help you understand and implement on your website by the Hosting Tribunal website who offer web hosting guidelines and reviews as well as this type of optimisation activity to get your website ahead of the race.

website speed infographic

  1. Melissa Barlow says:

    Thanks for sharing very interesting blog. It helps those who want to know about the speed of their website.

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