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The answer to this question is not a single sum, nor is there a standard equation to determine the website cost. However, building a website does not have to be an expensive or time consuming activity and whether you are planning on using your site for promoting a single product or running your entire business online then the costs themselves should be recouped within a relatively short space of time if the site is properly conceived, constructed and marketed. There are of course a few basics that everyone will need to pay for, thereafter the considerations and costs will vary depending on your intentions.

The Basic Website Cost

The first cost you will incur is in the registration of your domain name. Registering a domain name is in itself a simple and relatively painless process, typically costing you between £5 to £10 as an annual fee. However, as you will no doubt realise you need to choose a name that is unique and one that will be easily marketable. If you have a business with a unique name or operating area then a domain name may be easy to come by. However, if you are working with an exclusively online business model you will need to take your time and pick an effective domain name with relevant keywords to market your business. Since most meaningful domain names have already been purchased, many of them by firms and individuals who have bought them specifically to resell at a profit, there may be an additional one off purchase cost, perhaps via a domain broker.

The second cost you’ll need to pay is that of web hosting. Every website needs some online storage space to “live” on. Packages, features and quality vary widely and some advice from your web designer may be beneficial at this stage. Although web hosting packages can cost from as little as £2 a month, and there are even some companies who will host for free, many of these packages impose horrendous constraints and may swamp your site with advertising. Decent professional hosting is likely to start at £10 to £20 per month and will rise as your traffic levels and thus the service you require from the hosting company increase.

The Design and Build

Once you have your web space and domain name, you will need a site. This is where the website cost can really vary. It ultimately depends on the size and complexity of the site needed. This will determine what technology must be used in its construction and how much resource that is likely to require. Don’t, however, fall into the trap of believing that building it yourself must be cheaper. Unless you have significant web development skills of your own and the cost of your time is minimal (after all, you have a business to run), the real costs of using a web designer to create the site are likely to compare favourably.

Web design and construction is about far more than just aesthetics. It is vital to take into account Search Engine Optimisation techniques (SEO) in order to ensure that your website performs well in the search engines over time. This will drive natural (free) traffic to the site, offering a return on investment that is unmatched in virtually any other marketing channel, online or offline. As such the site needs to be designed around relevant keywords or search terms from the outset. These will require research and are the terms your potential consumers are likely to enter into a search engines when looking for the type of goods or services you provide.

The website cost can be as little as £200 to get a basic, single or two-page website online with an attractive, user friendly design that won’t put off the casual browser. Since professional web designers maintain libraries of sites and site components, they can offer a huge head start. Thus, at the other end of the scale you can expect a pretty serious site for a few thousand pounds.

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  1. Edge of David says:

    Yea, costs for a website can be quite low all the way up the proverbial “the sky’s the limit”. Just depends on what you need and how big your organization is and how much money you have

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