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UPDATE The Bright lemon theme is out of date and no longer compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

Bright lemon themeBright Lemon is a free template to use with the open source blog WordPress.

It features a 2 column layout and the features include: dropdown top menu for categories; customizable retweet script on all posts and pages, footer navigation and a bright lemon look.

It comes cufon ready using “Franklin Gothic Heavy”, but can easily be changed.

The theme has been tested and is compatible (to our best knowledge) with IE6, IE7, Firefox 3+, Opera 9+ and Safari 3+.

Installing the Bright lemon theme:

To install the theme, first unzip the files and then upload the entire folder to wp-content/themes, within your WordPress installation on your server. Then go to your WP admin panel, and under the ‘Appearance’ tab, select ‘Themes’. Find the Bright lemon theme and activate it.

Retweet Javascript

We decided to include a javascript Retweet button on all posts and pages. To track the traffic going on twitter you should change 2 lines of code, don’t worry it isn’t scary. First of all create yourself an account on Once registered you can go to your account page and there you can find your API Key (example:R_90b75884bc70ce4ac35d8e3b7e000c1d) copy that, your own; not the example.

Then you open the retweet.js file in the theme. And now for my favourite kind of coding, “copy and paste”. On line 18 of the javascript file you replace our API key with your own, you also need to enter your username on line 14. And that is all the coding needed, as Mike would say:
– Simples!



There is a small credit link back to this site, in the footer. We consider it a small token of appreciation if you leave it there. We have after all given you this WordPress theme for free 🙂


This is a free WordPress theme and is provided with no guarantee. If you have a question or want to report a bug we recommend you post a comment below, or for general WordPress queries try the official WordPress support forum. We will try and support this theme as much as possible, but as you know; bills also need to be paid, and that will have to take priority.

Fine prints!

This theme is available for free and you can use it for commercial or personal purposes. It is released under a GPL license. You may however NOT use the theme for websites dedicated to: pornography/adult sites, warez, drugs and anything encouraging offensive/illegal behavior.

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