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The floating Developer Head!
Floating Head!

Please Introduce yourself: Hi, I’m Florian, a media technology graduate from Austria and I had the pleasure to work at Webdezign in the spring of 2015 as junior developer. This was part of my bachelors degree course in Media Technology and Design.

Born in Vienna I started to develop my skills in web design and development in kindergarten. Building websites for Nike, Coca Cola and Starbucks at the age of five was not as thrilling as you might think and so I went for a bigger challenge: working for Mike. But seriously, I had a great time working with the guys at Webdezign and I miss the time a lot.

What are you doing now?

After I finished my internship, I graduated at my university and went on some well-deserved holidays. I am currently looking forward to starting my masters degree in September.

Tell us about a fun anecdote or a specific development you remember from your time at Webdezign?

The coolest thing was probably the meeting at the Haitian embassy (although Mike never really knew if it was Tahiti or Haiti…). The ambassador was a real character and I think we didn’t get the job because we refused to go for a drink with him at 2 in the afternoon…

What was your favourite lunch?

My big belly still reminds me of the lunches in London. But can you really say‚ favourite lunch‘? On Monday I loved moussaka but I couldn’t wait for Tuesday and chicken kebab (I’m still showing the pictures of this abnormal pile of meat and rice to everyone, and I’m sure the portion got bigger every week)… Of course Lahore was amazing, especially when Mike and I went there alone and had food for 4-5 people (of course we ate up and even ordered some more Roti). Thinking about it makes me hungry again…

What was the 1 single lesson you took away from your time at Webdezign?

Never go to that Chinese restaurant with the pile of ridiculously spicy noodles (mild version!) again. Just kidding, although it seems that I spent most of the time at Webdezign eating lunch, I was also able to develop some great skills in web design and development there. Probably the most important thing I learned was, how vital it is to know the customers and their ideas before starting the project.

Do you have an unforgettable moment from your time at Webdezign?

I will never forget my first day at the office: I asked Mike how he was and he told me about his dog that got run over the weekend before… One week later he came to the office with a new dog! By the way: I love and miss you Milly-Illy-Lilly!

How did you find & choose Webdezign in the first place for your junior developer role?

My university keeps record about the companies that students worked for, and after checking the (old) website and reading the blog about how Matt liked it there it was clear to me that I wanted to work at Webdezign. At this time I had already sent out a whole bunch of applications and got back about 0 answers. Mike answered back at the same day, telling me to come to London and work for him. I was really happy and after a Skype meeting (picture didn’t work…) it was clear that we were made for each other! 🙂

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for future developers?

Don’t go to that Chinese restaurant! 😉 Enjoy the time at Webdezign, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll have a lot of fun. Oh, and don’t forget to take time out to pet the dog!

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