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This article has been written in response to a member of the public responding to the ‘i want to be number 1 in Google‘ article written by us a short while back. Simple answer is content is king.

The visitor to our site wrote the following:

Hi, Guys at Active Web Designz! Lots of good work here. I read with interest your article ‘I want to be no 1 on Google’, and your view that this is bad for business. What would be your your angle then? I imagine the reason we all want to be no 1 on Google whether the traffic is always relevant or not is because we are petrified that if people are not aware of our businesses, and we are relying completely on our web presence, there is a real worry that they will miss our existence if they are not driven aggressively to us. Will that happen if we are number 8? What if we are even lower or on the following pages? What is your strategy for helping your clients be found with even loosely related searches, or to get around the problems you describe in your article? I am not saying you’re wrong, I just want to understand how you can help achieve the goals we seek to by trying to be no. 1 on Google without being no. 1 on google? I do not have a web site at present. I am looking for a company to design and build one for me, and was drawn to your article because I have often wondered how I would score a prime position in a search, if not necessarily no. 1. My marketing budget is limited and to begin with at least, my business would be wholly online. I note that a lot of the work you have done has been for established businesses and recognisable names and I imagine people would search for them based on knowledge of them, their product, location or some other element they can build a search around, but if they are not aware or do not know for sure that the product or service even exists or where it is based, how can you increase the chances many people in my target market will alight on my website? Is this part of what you do at all or do you expect that there will be some stand alone marketing function that should be operating in tandem? Looking forward to hearing from you. Tobi

The above got me thinking about how our own business managed to get off the ground when the web was in its infancy over 10 years ago. Back in those days, we were more reliant on traditional forms of marketing such as leaflets, yellow pages listings, advertising in the local papers, breakfast networking groups and good signage on the shop front of our studio premises. But, most of all, our business managed to gain strength through recommendations and satisfied returning clients. Recommendations and returning clients is still our number one source of new business.

So my answer to Tobi would be never to rely on just the web for new business, since getting to the top of Google for keywords or phrases relative to your business is not an easy, quick or cheap task. From my experience, a good marketing strategy is one that is balanced. Traditional marketing methods should be used in conjunction with new opportunities using social media networks for optimisation and link building. Be realistic about the goals you’re are aiming for and give yourself enough time to see through your venture, monitoring every rise and fall that may be linked to certain marketing exercises.

And Tobi, don’t be disappointed to find that you don’t make it to the number one spot in Google and perhaps only in the eighth place. It’s all good and you will be surprised how users will still find you amongst the rest.

Search engine optimisation is booming at the moment with companies fighting to get on the top slot. But, if you run an honest website which is truly useful to the user and has plenty of relavant content, then you will ultimately make it to the first page on Google like we have. The buzzword to capture what Google is all about at this point in time is ‘CONTENT IS KING’. The other major factor in getting top rankings is the number of inbound links to your website from well ranked websites and directories. With these two factors, we’ve managed to get top of Google for several keywords and we did not pay the earth.

Hope this sheds some light on the issues.


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