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Email has become the ubiquitous form of business communication in this century. We use it to tap out both quick notes and lengthy messages to colleagues and clients halfway around the world, as well as people in the same room. We offer a flexible email service that can easily be incorporated with your current email server, as well as being accessible on the go through our user-friendly Web mail service. Our email accounts can be used on their own, or integrated with Microsoft Outlook as required.

With this in mind, what do you need from an email account? In our opinion, there are several factors that are important to a business.

Accessibility: you need an email service that stands up to day-to-day office use, and can also be accessed on the go by team members working from home or on the move.

Reliability: What use is an email service that is continually having downtime or not allowing you to access its services? The answer; not very! You need an email service that seamlessly integrates with your chosen email browser AND offers a user-friendly Webmail service that can be accessed from any device.

Adaptability: Some businesses are one-man bands, while others have dozens or even hundreds of employees, each needing a bespoke email address. You need an email service that can rapidly adapt to the needs of your business, adding new addresses and inboxes as and when you require them.

Emails made easy

At Active Webdezign, we are proud to offer an email account service that is accessible, reliable, and adaptable. We believe this is simply a matter of common sense. You should be able to access your emails whenever you need to, using the device of your choice. This is the essence of our service. To discuss your options and to get more information on prices, drop one of our team a line today.

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