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Some people who own a domain name may already be aware that their personal details are openly available via the who-is database of domain registrants (e.g. This is quite a worrying thought, as details such as names, addresses and emails are published and openly available for anyone to access. Is there no such things as Domain Privacy Protection?


The law does require that these details are submitted on registration of any domain, but there is a way that you can limit who can see this. Whilst searching myself for a registrant of a certain domain, I stumbled across a listing which only had details of an organisation which runs a FREE service whereby they can hide you domain’s who-is information. Therefore anyone that looks your domain ownership up is directed to the organisations website where you can request or contact the anonymous domain owner directly via a contact form. It is then up to you directly or the organisation (who would be obliged to hand out the information if proof of spam or other Internet miss use is submitted to them) to answer the enquiry.

I will be sending this article out to all our clients with further information on how to sign up for this free service in our next quarterly news letter. There will also be a follow up to this article on our website with further information. If you would like to be kept updated please contact requesting further info and we will keep you posted.

You can also visit to find out more.

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