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We don’t stop when your site goes live

After all, your site needs to reflect your business so you need it to change as you do. A flexible, bespoke content management system (or ‘CMS‘) will allow you to manage and develop your site on a daily basis. So, what can our CMS solutions achieve for your site?

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A website is not, or should not be, a static affair. It is a mistake to think that once the website is online that you can simply walk away and let it to get on with its job untended. As soon as your new website goes live, the real work begins. The job of your website is to be a continually evolving online reflection of your living company. It should change and develop as you do. It should broadcast your successes, your promotions, and your experiences within your industry.

A content management system (CMS) is a handy bit of software that enables you to easily update your web content whenever you need to. You can use a CMS to manage mailing lists, update blogs, post new content to your website, or manage an online store. Our CMS design team specialise in creating custom built content management systems tailored to the needs of our customers.

Content Management Systems
content is king

Why this is important

Customers look for regularly updated content as the sign of a thriving business. Content is king in the eyes of the search engines, so it is important for SEO as well. The biggest contribution you can make to the success of your website is to post high quality, SEO friendly written content. Writing content that grabs the attention of both search engines and your human audience is a delicate balancing act. Our professional copywriting team are experienced wordsmiths with an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of SEO friendly writing. Get in touch to find out how our content writing service can give your website the search boost that you need to succeed.

Your business, your way

At Active Webdezign, we understand that no two businesses are the same. Each business uses its website in a different way, and, therefore, will need a different CMS solution. At the heart of our content management system is a bespoke service that is responsive to the needs of your business.

We will work with you to develop a user-friendly CMS that empowers you to update your website as often as you require it. This way, your CMS will always be strictly relevant to your business. Your system can be as complex or simple as you need it to be. Our bespoke CMS solutions are designed to be elegant, adaptive and easy-to-use. You will never pay for functionality that you don’t need.

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Familiar web design

Familiar Territory

From the font to the terminology, you’ll feel right at home with your website’s CMS because our London web designers develop it to your specifications. We’ll devise the right CMS solutions for your business.

From Basic to Complex

You choose how comprehensive you want your website’s CMS to be. We’ll talk you through the options and make sure that the solution suits your needs and your level of technical knowledge. Take a look at our e-commerce solutions to see how our CMS can help if you have an online shop.

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keeping customers in the loop

Keeping Visitors in the Loop

When you have news or views to share with your site visitors, your CMS can allow you to update your site instantly so that you can deliver the message direct.

Mailing Lists & Customers

For our London web designers, website development is as much about building a relationship with our clients as it is about great design. In turn, our systems can help you develop a community for your site visitors, allowing you to build a mailing list and communicate with them. These systems allow you to collect and manage customer data as well as monitor site traffic and discussions. We recommend signing up for MailChimp but there are many other providers should they not meet your needs.

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A well-tuned CMS is a very useful friend to have. Drop us a line today to talk to one of our team about what a bespoke designed CMS can do for your business.

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