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Please introduce yourself: I’m Alexis Mardapittas. I worked as a Designer at Webdezign for about 1yr? I’ve lost a lot of my memory since then.

Editors note: that was in fairness all the way back in 2003-2004.

Jaycee Chan, Alex and Jackie Chan on set
Jaycee Chan, Alex and Jackie Chan on set

Where are you a designer now?

I’m heading up a whole lot of different brands from Hong Kong right now where I’m a creative director for Leo Burnett. Some brands I look after globally, others regionally, others locally. These brands include Coca Cola, Greenpeace and Saab. In my work I also meet loads of interesting characters. Who can say they’ve kung fu fighted with Jackie Chan and his son?

Me! I can.

Tell us about a fun anecdote or a specific job you remember from your time at Webdezign?

Mike introduced me to all the local food in da hood.

What was your favourite lunch?

Lahore mmmm.

Editors note: mmmmm

What was the 1 single lesson you took away from your time at Webdezign?

That Mike was actually born bald.

Do you have an unforgettable moment from your time at Webdezign?

I always assumed that Mike was a registered sex offender. But he never touched me up. Go figure?

How did you find & choose Webdezign in the first place?

Mike is a cousin of a cousin.

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for future interns/employees?

Expect to get your hands dirty. Your ideas matter as much as anyone’s, a good idea can come from anywhere.

Editors note: This does not mean we muck cow dung in the office, but you will get a voice and an opinion on design/solutions from day one. Or to use a phrase Mike likes, we will throw you straight into the deep end.


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