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The creative brief has been sent, we know it can seem a bit daunting with some of the questions but this process should be fun, and if you do it correctly; it really will be. We promise!

creative brief

We keep asking about websites you like, branding, competitors and a common mistake among our clients is that they think they can only get inspiration from their competitors and websites in their own sector. WRONG, don’t limit yourself to what your competitors are doing, we are not trying to be them, we are trying to beat them.

The Creative brief should be filled with inspiration

We would rather have you thinking to far outside the box, so far outside we have to tell you to calm down (albeit in a polite manner) The more input you can give us on what you like the greater the chance we have of designing a website you will like, we know the boring bits on how to make people convert where to put the search etc. We will include those things as well but that is not what makes us excited.

A few website galleries
Best web gallery
UK based gallery

Favourite Websites Award (Requires flash)
the FWA

Another good website to look at is patterntap, now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. Picking the smallest (or biggest) elements of a design and commenting on it… How about some navigations, features, headlines or why not browse the different categories yourself.

Have a look at some javascript image ideas
Webdesigner wall

You know what, there are so many more out there i could spend all day listing them. Why not google “css gallery” and start getting inspired.

I hope to see a creative brief with plenty of links to styles, ideas, colours, quotes, imagery, fabrics, and toothpaste you like.

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