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This is another round-up of some of our current favourite free fonts. We present you with a nice and varied selection of free fonts. Including scripts, serifs, and a range of ligatures. These fonts will give you greater flexibility in your mockups, and add to your toolbox of typography. If you use them in a commercial project and it is approved by your clients please consider donating to the designers or show them support in some other way.

Free fonts for commercial use

Some of these also have premium versions with alternative glyphs, more weights so check them out as well.

Free fonts - Abys

Download Abys (.otf) by Ioana Archontaki

Free fonts - Anurati

Download Anurati (.otf) by Emmeran Richard

Free fonts - Azedo

Download Azedo (.otf) by Pedro Azedo

Free fonts - Bajern

Download Bajern (.otf) by Anton Brolin

Free fonts - Bebas Neue

Download Bebas Neue (.otf) by Dharmatype

Free fonts - Big Fish

Download Big Fish (.otf) by Felix Braden

Free fonts - Big John / Slim Joe

Download Big John/Slim Joe (.otf) by Ion Lucin

Free fonts - Butler

Download Butler (.otf) by Fabian De Smet

Free fonts - Canter

Download Canter (.otf) by Christopher J. Lee

Free fonts - Cast Iron

Download Cast Iron (.otf) by Jeremy Vessey

Free fonts - Cenotaph Titling

Download Cenotaph Titling (.otf) by Lewis McGuffie

Free fonts - Choplin

Download Choplin (.otf) by René Bieder

Free fonts - Chubby

Download Chubby (.otf) by Anders Kristoffersen

Free fonts - Code Pro

Download Code Pro (.otf) by Svetoslav Simov

Free fonts - Cosmonaut

Download Cosmonaut (.ttf) by Cahya Sofyan

Free fonts - Disclaimer

Download Disclaimer (.otf) by Boris Bonev

Free fonts - Fabiolo

Download Fabiolo (.otf) by Uilliam Sirqueira

Free fonts - Fakedes Putline

Download Fakedes (.otf) by Cyril Mikhailov

Free fonts - Great Victorian

Download Great Victorian (.otf) by Dharmatype

Free fonts - Handletter

Download Handletter (.otf) by Sasha Koggio

Free fonts - Jura

Download Jura (.ttf) by Ed Merritt

Free fonts - Knile

Download Knile (.otf) by atipo® & Maria Ramos

Free fonts - Libre Baskerville

Download Libre Baskerville (.ttf) by Pablo Impallari

Free fonts - Locke

Download Locke (.otf) by Charles Daoud

Free fonts - London

Download London (.ttf) by Antonio Rodrigues Jr

Free fonts - Matchbook

Download Matchbook (.ttf) by OneByFour

Free fonts - Medio

Download Medio (.otf) by Sora Sagano

Free fonts - Penna

Download Penna (.otf) by Sora Sagano

Free fonts - Perfograma

Download Perfograma (.otf) by Asen Petrov

Free fonts - Rodina

Download Rodina (.otf) by Christian Pannicke

Free fonts - Sant Joan Despí

Sant Joan Despí (.otf) by Forma & Co

Free fonts - Sensei

Download Sensei (.otf) by Ezeqviel Ergo

Free fonts - Shihan

Download Shihan (.otf) by Sergei Godovalov

Free fonts - Simple

Download Simple (.ttf) by Giuseppe Stillitano

Free fonts - Simplifica

Simplifica (.ttf) by KAIWA

Free fonts - Smaq

Download Smaq (.ttf) by Andreas Leonidou

Free fonts - Something Wild

Download Something Wild (.otf) by Dmitriy Chirkov

Free fonts - Soria

Download Soria (.ttf) by Dani

Free fonts - Sprite Graffiti

Download Sprite Graffiti (.otf) by FourPlus Studio

Free fonts - Streamster

Download Streamster (.ttf) by Designrazzi

Free fonts - Sunday

Free fonts - Ubuntu

Download Ubuntu title (.otf) by Christian Robertson

Free fonts - Unique

Download Unique (.ttf) by Anna Pocius

Free fonts - Yarin

Download Yarin (.otf) by Mario Pandeliev

Free fonts - Zona Pro

Download Zona Pro (.otf) by Kostas Bartsokas

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