The Internet has 234 Million websites, Dec 2009

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We get people calling everyday asking for websites of all sizes, shapes and forms. They are trying to promote their services or selling their products. It kind of gets you wondering, how much is really on the internet, and most importantly am I missing out.

Put simply, if you are not online: You are most definetely missing out on potential clients/customers. Here is a video showing you the state of the internet (and this is 6 months ago):

Video no longer available

If you are still not on the online but are considering it, NOW would be a good time to contact someone to have a chat about what it could do for your business. It is never too late to join in on the online revolution, you really should give us a call.

Get on the internet today!

  1. Mike Yan says:

    It is unbelievable that in the space of 9 years that the number of websites out there now has grown so large!
    As of January 2019 there were over 1.94 billion websites on the Internet!

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