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There is a myriad of great free fonts out there, we’ve all heard of League Gothic and Museo, but I wanted to list a few fonts that you may have missed. Wrinkly postits, old and new bookmarks transfered into one neat little post. I tried to only showcase one font from each resource so hopefully you will at the very least, by reading this post; find a few new places to browse for new fonts.

Please note that some of these fonts are completely free to use for both commercial and personal projects and some are ONLY free to use in personal projects, be sure to double check the instructions on each site.

Advent great free font


Alt Lautus font

Alt Lautus

Arvo great free font


Days font


Franchise great free font


Geomancy font


Gota great free font


Kilogram font


Kontrapunkt great free font


Memoria Regular font

Memoria Regular

Mod Gothic font

Mod Gothic (no longer available)

Nevis great free font


Roke1984 font


Rough draft font

Rough draft (no longer available)

Sega font


Serif Beta font

Serif Beta

Silkscreen font


Slimbo font


Tenderness font


Vador font

Vador (no longer available)

Do you have any favourite fonts that you think people may have missed? Or are you simply awestruck at how someone could have come up with a type like (enter url). Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Alison Harper says:

    Great font for web designers…i love the all above fonts…will keep using!

  2. Karl Foxley says:

    I love finding new fonts to play with; Rough Draft looks perfect for a project I’m currently working on.

    I typically get my fonts from Da Font .com but you’ve shared some additional places I will certainly be adding to the good old ‘fonts’ bookmarks folder.



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