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Online Marketing

We’re online marketing experts who know that getting your business to stand out in the crowd requires strategy, inspiration and a sound understanding of the rocky terrain that makes up the ever expanding world of the Internet. We hike through the online jungle on a daily basis to make sure we know the lay of the land.

One thing we have surmised from our many trips into this wilderness is that you have to be ready for what it throws at you and attack it from as many angles as you can muster. Here are some of our weapons:

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is about getting your website to the top of search engine results such as those of Google. It’s one of the most affordable and effective ways of promoting your business, but it’s also one of the most competitive and complex forms of marketing around.

We can make sure your site stands out for all the right reasons.

SEO Solutions Strategy

I want to be number 1 on googleOur SEO solutions are based on an understanding of your target market. Here at Active Webdezign, we’ll conduct research on your sector and develop a strategy so that your site targets the right keywords for your business. We’ll make sure your web copy, site structure and links all provide a clear, unified message that appeals to both search engines and your audience.


Our search engine optimisation service includes the following key elements:

With each step, we’ll make sure that your site remains inspirational, interesting and relevant to your audience. After all, you want your visitors to like your site as much as the search engines do.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC, or (also known as Pay-Per-Click, SEM, Paid-Search or Search Engine Marketing), is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to get to the top of search engine results, like the examples we’ve highlighted in red on Google, Yahoo and MSN. You target certain keywords and only pay when a visitor clicks on your advert.

Our Approach

At Webdezign, we have the expertise and experience to ensure your PPC campaigns are delivered correctly and cost-effectively. We’ve developed a 5-stage process which produces focused, well-structured campaigns and ultimately, the right results.

Our consultative approach means that we take the time to really understand your business, your goals and your strengths as well as your competitors.

Comprehensive Service

We offer a comprehensive PPC service covering the major providers including Google Adwords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search and MSN adCenter, meaning you’ll have access to all the tools you need to turn potential customers into qualified leads.

A Commercial Investment

Once your campaigns are live, we undertake exhaustive and constant optimisation to ensure your ongoing success and visibility in the search listings. We’ll also make sure that the traffic generated and leads delivered are relevant and provide you with a return on your investment.


E-mail Marketing

Email marketing, sometimes known as newsletter marketing, can be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal when it comes to increasing revenue.

At Webdezign, our email marketing campaigns engage your customers, opening a dialogue in which you can inform them of your latest products, services and offers and letting them respond instantly. This allows you to cross-sell effectively, generate return site visits and connect with your market, all at the click of a button.

Getting the word out

Email MarketingWe will work with you to design your emails and send them to your marketing list. As part of this service, we design and code the email templates so that we can ensure that your message gets where it needs to go in as many instances as possible.

Avoiding Junk Filters

We use only white hat methods, which clearly allow your customers to choose whether to unsubscribe from your newsletter. We also make sure we send a plain text email before sending out newsletters for the first time, asking the customer to allow you to correspond with them. This is all part of making the customer feel part of the conversation, while vastly lowering the possibility of your messages being classed as spam.

Checking it works

Once your message is out there, we provide detailed reports as to the number of opened emails, number of click-through responses, comparative click through rates for different links and analysis on how much your customers interacted with your email.

Using this information we can work with you to hone your online newsletters until you’ve found the perfect fit. In fact, we’ll create and send out as many emails as it takes to get it right.

Want to reconnect with your customers? Contact us to find out more.