Multireligious Hermit

Antony Dogen

My vocation began as a youth when I suffered brain damage and I sought the ways and means to heal myself.

Although religious study and participating in religious services was important, the healing vitality came from the real human experiences of prayer and meditation.

As spirituality grew into holy enlightenment so my prayers and meditations changed into my worshippings of our Creator God and our Incarnator Goddess.

My healing experiences during contemplation were unimaginably beautiful as my brain renewed itself within my head-mind and supported by my bodily life-force.

I spend 5 hours every day/night in worship and this has become my sacred work in the sanctuary here.

As a multireligious hermit I have a caring role for a disabled, yet spiritual, lady who lives with me as my companion.

The religions I worship within are: christianity, buddhism, christian buddhism, judaism, islam, yoga, sikhism, hinduism, jainism and neo-confucianism.

Because it was the solitude that produced the healing vitality I remain in solitude as much as possible and I do not attend organized religious meetings.

Also this means that due to the fact of the healing vitality being within myself I do not demonstrate any outward appearance of one religion or another.

If there is anything to pass onto you it is the 4 righteous virtues of: loving compassion, intelligent wisdom, divine truth and peaceful serenity.

My ethnicity is that of a british-thai so I have a natural east-west inclination. I live in London and I enjoy the multiculturalism of other people when I go shopping.

Having to describe myself in worship I should call it 'beautiful perfection' because I am so blessed in my sacred work in the sanctuary.

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I wish you all happiness and contentment.

Antony Dogen

Antony Dogen, Lotus Soul
Multireligious Hermit